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One of the most popular Stag location in Britain

Posted on August 11 2016

Here at Stag Suits we are of the opinion that there seems to have been a shift in Bournemouth’s reputation. In previous years Bournemouth was renowned for being the location where may ex-London city workers would retire to in their twilight years. However more recently Bournemouth has gained increasing popularity as a popular destination for British stag parties. According to statistics recently compiled by stag and hen tour company Last Night of Freedom it currently ranks above places like Las Vegas, Barcelona, Krakow and Ibiza.

Bournemouth’s attractiveness is main down to its location down on the south coast making it warmer than most other UK locations during the spring and summer months. In turn this has led to a growing demand for outdoor activities.

You can get surfing lessons and there is even a zipline known as PierZip ran by operators RockReef who said the attraction was “proving very popular and the number of bookings have been growing at a significant rate over recent months with lots of enquiries received throughout the year.”

They added: “Groups love the zip wire and indoor activities at RockReef on Bournemouth Pier as it provides an excellent pre-party group activity.”

As well as the zipline there is also the opportunity to take part in a powerboating grand prix.

Mark Smith, director of tourism for Bournemouth, said he was “delighted Bournemouth is popular with people who want to celebrate before they get married.”

“Bournemouth is fortunate to attract visitors from every age group, and spring and summer are particularly popular times – with a large number of weddings taking place around this time of year.

“Experience has shown that visitors have a great time attending celebrations or conferences in Bournemouth and are likely to return in the future with their own friends and family.”

When the sun goes down Stag parties will turn to its nightlife for a great party atmosphere. You will see swarms of fancy dress groups on bar walks, be sure to check out the gorgeous staff on the poles, its Bar(ME).

Bournemouth homes the oldest student union venues in the UK with three rooms of music and four bars, The Old Firestation is hip, happening and homely. To experience unique clubbing in arguably Bournemouth’s premier venue which happens to be inside a former church, it’s Halo.

Contemporary and opulent 1812 has an unbelievable atmosphere with soft ambient lighting overwhelming the glitz and sparkle throughout its sophisticated interior as well as in their excellent and extensive cocktail range. 

Le Chic prides itself on providing a personalised service with the magic starting on the dance floor, get down and boogie to anything from funk, soul, disco or house sounds.

Of course not everyone in Bournemouth is happy with the increased traffic of Stag Doo’s flocking in to the local area despite the economic boost, Cllr Robert Chapman believes they “put off a lot of visitors coming to the town”.

He said: “I think stag and hen parties bring quite a lot of money into this town.”

However, he added: “We’re trying to encourage a family atmosphere in the centre of town – stag and hen parties, in my view, don’t enhance that reputation.”

So if your debating of your next Stag Doo why not consider Bournemouth as a potential location during the spring and summer months. It’s likely you will all look out of place if you are not in fancy dress so why not blow everyone away when you arrive in town by maybe wearing our Tropical Stag Suit or the Red Hot Fire Stag Suit to get you all sizzling mood for a scorching weekend in Bournemouth.

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