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Death of single life for groom who spends stag do dressed as corpse lying in a coffin

Posted on August 12 2016

Just when you thought that a Stag Do could not get any crazier, these guys pull out all the stops to memorise onlookers with a truly original idea on the streets of Manchester.

Chris White, a demolitions supervisor from Bristol and the groom to this Stag night, spent the night being carted around by a 16 man strong of lads all dressed as mourners whilst he was propped up in a half-open casket. Presumably the theme was centred on the ‘death’ of Chris’s time as a single man. Alternatively he could have been taking his vows literally, paying very close attention to the ‘till death do us part’.

We can’t help but feel that a touch of Stag Suit class could have been added to give it the wow factor had the 16 lads geared themselves in our latest Halloween style Stag Suits, for example the popular Grunge or Skull designs.

To add to the overall look Chris’s Brother Mike could be seen dressed as a vicar. Scott Thomas also attended the ‘funeral’ and said: "It was total chaos”. Scott went on to explain:

"We did it at the hotel, and set off for the first bar, and it took 35 minutes to walk the short distance to the bar because so many people were stopping us and taking photos and chatting.

"It was all during the day, and we just got so much attention, people loved it. We would go to a bar, and leave Chris outside, with the coffin propped up on a sack trolley. We would buy him a drink, but he'd be outside pretending to be dead and then come alive when people got close to have a look. At one point, there were hundreds of people sitting around these steps, with a busker playing and we wheeled him over and put him right in front of this busker, and put a coat down in front of him. We must've raised about £100 just for a few minutes, and the busker made more than ever. It was hilarious."

Hats for this unusually imaginative idea has to go to friend Andrew Sallabank, who got his mate Lee Winter to hand-make the coffin which was maneuvered around the pubs and clubs on a trolley. Some venues did have understandable concerns upon entering that he fight fall out but most of the night he remained in his casket. However it wasn’t all plain sailing as at one point ‘Father Mike‘was pushing him around and lost control at a flight of stairs. Fortunately Chris only feel sideways and had nothing but his ego bruised.

Chris did finally manage rise from the dead and finally tie the knot to his bride Sarah back home in Bristol.



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