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Wealdstone Raider and Birdman team up for epic Stag Do in Plymouth

Posted on August 08 2016

One is a footballing viral legend who gained attention due to a viral video of him heckling opposing supporters of Whitehawk F.C. The other is Plymouth hero known for his nights on the town. Put them together on a Stag Do on the Barbican, Plymouth on Saturday night and you are in for one hell of a night. 

The Wealdstone Raider, otherwise known as Gordon Hill, made his way from London to travel down in order to suprise the stag and fan-boy John Phare's.

After a whopping 45 men on the stag do chipped in £20 each, they hired the Wealdstone Raider to don his signature blue home strip and make his way down to Plymouth. This £900 fee covered the Raider's fee, travel expenses and accommodation for the night. There was even money left over to go towards John's wedding fund. The pint-sized 50-year-old met up with the rest of the Stag party at The Barbican Tavern for warm up drinks. Best man Dean Avery said;

"We distracted John and kept him busy so when he turned around and saw the Raider, he was just speechless. He was stunned."

"He had a suspicion that there was going to be a surprise but he had no idea it would be the Wealdstone Raider."

On the crawl John (Groom), Dean (Best Man), The Raider and the boys hit places such as the The Three Crowns, Live Lounge and Oceana. Whilst on the Barbican it was a meeting of two giants when the 'Birdman' made an apperance, agreeing to pose for a picture and even managed to stay for a quick sing-song with the lads, the 'do wah diddy' song.

"I managed to get Birdman, John and the Raider all together for a quick picture and Birdman even stuck around to do a rendition of his 'do wah diddy' song."

"I just want to thank everyone that put money in and helped make this happen. Everyone was so generous, which just goes to show how popular John is." Dean explained.

If you still are not sure who even the Wealdstone Raider is or why Gordon Hill became an internet sensation then be sure to check out his video in the YouTube link below, a word of warning though it does contain some colorful language. There is also plenty to go at to see the 'Birdman' too on YouTube although subtitles would been handy to comprehend this very jovial man.

Have you had anyone famous join you on your Stag Do party? Or maybe your considering Plymouth as a potential location for your own event, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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