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The Hag Do

Posted on October 20 2015

So this morning I decided to write another blog about Stag Do's and so turned to the web for some inspiration on this weeks subject. You would not believe it but the very first video in the search results was a YouTube video that not only features MYSELF and my wife!


Its a clip from BBC's Graham Norton show from back in May 2015 which a family member works on and had kindly got us production tickets to go and watch the recording show. For anyone that is vaguely interested I am the guy in the pink shirt just sitting behind and to the right of the couple and their friends in question, looking pensive with my hand across my mouth.

It is basically of a gay couple who had organised a Hag Do. That's right, not Stag Do. Now that we have legalised gay marriage here in the UK this is a relatively new concept and is something gay and straight engaged couples alike are choosing to do instead of the traditional, separately organised Stag Do and Hen night parties. Like many other marriage traditions these days, soon to be newly weds are making up their own rules. Your Stag Do or Hen night should be no different, these couples are challenging the conformity of tradition by teaming up and inviting a collective of their very best friends, male and female to one celebration. Who knows, if some of them are single you may end up bringing together the next Mr & Mrs Smith.

These couples are not the only ones having Hag Do's either. Celebrities are following their lead with Holly Branson and now husband Freddie Andrews throwing a Hag do party in Verbier, thats a village located in south-western Switzerland in the canton of Valais in case you didn't know (its a Ski Resort). However, this Hag Do was done with a twist, tilting their hats to tradition with separate dinners for the couples male and female friends but then a party night with everyone afterwards.

You will notice from the YouTube video that this gay couple themed their party with each member coming as a different version of Kylie Minogue spanning her illustrious music career and her ever changing styles over the years; from the gold hot-pants in her 'Spinning Around' music video to the Showgirl tour. A very imaginative idea and certainly not one I have come across before. However it does open up all sorts of possibilities for great themed costume ideas. You could consider other great actors, musicians or celebrities of past and present, Madonna being a prime example.

There are many companies out there that offer the great ideas for Stag & Hen Do Costumes, however I am yet to come across a company dedicated to the Hag Do but who knows, anything is possible. Are you needing some inspiration from costumes or themes? Why not check out some these sites for inspiration, here are a few honorable mentions; StagSuits, StretchySuits, Joke and Party Delights. For example Stag Suits are dedicated to producing some of the best men's patterned suits / costumes on the market with up to 7 sizes of 25 styles to choose from. These include a Rainbow Suit, Moustache, Camo, etc.

Let me know your thoughts, would you consider a Hag Do or are you all for keeping things separate and sticking with a traditional Stag Do or Hen Night.

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