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Cool Runnings Stag Get the Green Light Online

Posted on October 20 2015

Red Stag Suit

It would seem that I am a bit late to the party in reporting this story but as the summer seasons hits Great Britain it would seem the Stag Do parties are gearing up at a rate of knots. Here is a link to the daily mail story with a video that went viral earlier this month and has had over 2.5 million views at time of writing. Its of a group of Stag's that rein-acted the famous scene from Cool Runnings. It shows six friends run up to a car waiting at traffic lights and speak to the unsuspecting driver. With the driver's permission, they stand behind the vehicle and push it along the road like a bob-sleigh as soon as the lights turned green whilst chanting the famous Cool Runnings rhyme 'Feel the rhythm'. To add even more hilarity to the scene, a guy dressed as Ron Burgandy can be seen giving us a running commentary.  

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