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Emmerdale's Kevin Fletcher celebrates stag do in farming overalls as he dresses mates as COWS

Posted on October 20 2015

Kevin Fletcher who plays Andy Sugden on ITV's Emmerdale leads an entire herd of stags or cows through an airport to sunny Tenerife dressed as his very own on screen character. Kevin posted the pics on his own Instagram, be sure to check them out. Kevin wrote: "Taking my cows to Tenerife for the weekend. Treatin em aren't I #Stag." Kevin also wrote: "Checked em in. Nice and tidy."

Hats off to Kevin or whoever in his crew came up with the costume theme idea. Are you looking for your own Stag Do theme and need some inspiration? Why not check out some websites dedicated to Stag Do costumes. Be sure to check out sites like StagSuits, StretchySuits , Stag Company,  LastNightofFreedom to name but a few. 

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