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Stag Party Guest Gets Compensation From Strip Club

Posted on August 08 2016

You might, or might not have, heard about the story of the man who blew a staggering £7,500 on booze and strippers while out on a stag do at the Spearmint Rhino club. Well, this summer, he won compensation from the strip club after claims that he was in fact taken advantage of. The poor chap in question, from Northern Ireland, was a guest at a stag do being held at the Bournemouth club in 2013, and after a 12 hour drinking binge, he left the Spearmint Rhino 7.5 grande lighter.

Awaking the next morning in his hotel room, with a slight hangover, he found that he had squandered about a third of his annual salary, having tipped the strippers £1,800, paying for multiple private dances, among other spending. He claims not to have been in control of himself and what he was spending, and that the club exploited this fact. He claimed to have been drunk when he arrived at the club, and was still continued to be served alcohol throughout his time there.

More to the point, we are wondering if he was dressed to impress in one of our unique sharp Stag Suits - he could have been wearing £50 notes himself in the form of our Great British Pound Money Stag Suit. See our range of money suits for stag dos - pounds, euros or dollars!


Nevertheless, the club did decide to settle out of court with a satisfactory sum of money. Somehow we don't think that those who feel fleeced after a night at a strip club are all going to be able to claim back the notes the spend though.

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