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Death defying Bungee Jump for Stag Do Groom!

Posted on August 10 2016

Here at Stag Suits HQ we are convinced this has to go down as one of the best Stag Do pranks of all time. This video was posted shortly after the event and it wasn’t long before it went viral, to date it’s been seen over 1.3 million times.

Basically the groom was blindfolded and tricked into thinking he was preparing for a bungee jump at his stag party. As he mentally prepares for free fall he brain is soon left confused as he drops just 20 centimeters off the pavement. His friends had added even more realism to the gag by picking a perfect spot where there was  a rail for him to hold on to as he prepared to make his ‘jump’. This stag crew had come very well prepared and had even put on the harness and help him step over the ‘barrier’.

The groom can be seen only wearing his underpants, a cape and bandages around his eyes. We all feel he would have looked a lot better in one of our Stag Suits, maybe our new ‘King Dong’ style perhaps. However he was attracting more than enough attention as he could be seen perched on the edge of a curb in a busy suburb.

The stag party had actually picked a fantastic location abroad in the city of Irun in northern Spain's Basque region but for this particular prank they had only made it as far as the borders of France.

As he stands on the precipice he can be heard asking: 'But I have to jump or fall?' Followed by declarations of love for his fiance and best friend if anything should happen to him.

Surly taking pity on him, one of his friends offers some reassurance saying: 'Don't be silly, this is a professional thing, there is insurance.' He puts his foot out and feels there is no ground below, exclaiming: 'f*ck this is really real, I'm really here.'

Finally they count down begins this terrified man makes his jump… into the arms of one of his friends. Within less than a second he hits the pavement below and realises it is a prank.

He simply lies on the ground, mentally exhausted at the confusion and it is clear he doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. However his friends do both by laughing hysterically around him. As the groom finally composes himself he can be heard uttering the words: 'You sons of b*itches!'  

From all of us here at Stag Suits we have to congratulate the orchestrators of this truly marvellous prank. Check out the full video below. 

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