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Expensive mistake on Krakow Stag Doo with £6000 Segway in crashing in to a river

Posted on August 15 2016

We have reported on a number of occasions that Krakow in Poland is one of the best locations in Europe for a Stag Do as it provides cheap flights, hotel and activities for most would be Stag Parties. However on this occasion things did not quite go according to plan on this Segway guided tour of the city.

This video has gone viral online and has already racked up over 2.5 million views online. Some newspapers who originally reported on the story seem to indicate the chap in question was drunk however this has not been confirmed.

The stags can be seen parading down this river side park area on the famous and fun two wheeler machines. However once 30-year-old Reece Humphreys had mastered the basics like any typical bloke on a lads weekend he decided to try and take things up a notch and go ‘off road’. What happened next was all caught on camera by one of his mates who can be heard cackling like a hyena as the disastrous events unfolded.

You can check the full video out for yourself below but in a nutshell Reece loses his balance, falls off (getting caked in mud). It is at this point whilst trying to pick the Segway back up it is accidentally put back in full throttle which results in it hurtling back down the hill and careering off in to the river.

As mentioned, Reece was on a guided Segway tour in Krakow, the question then has to be raised, where the hell was the so called ‘tour guide’ during all this?

Reece explained: "I was quite good on it so I started messing about on it…”I was trying to ride the Segway up the hill and it almost made it to the top but the bl**dy thing didn’t have enough power to go all the way, so I tried to rock it forward and that’s when I fell off and it ended up facing the other way and then it just rolled down the hill into the water.

“It did go through my mind when it was rolling down the hill ‘If that goes in I will be f****d'."

Reece was able to get the contraption back from the water and said although some parts had fallen off, but he did reattach them so we have to give him an element of credit for that.

Newly qualified Segway mechanic Reece also added: "Apart from a being covered in mud and a few scratches it was fine."

He later discovered that the Segway rental company was demanding he pay around £350 for the damage caused to the Segway, we are sure this is just the insurance excess as it would have surely cost a lot more than that to repair a fully submerged and water damaged Segway. However now that Reece is back in Blighty he has said he has no intention of paying them.

This is the only sad part to the story and choosing not to pay these guys a fraction of what the likely Segway damages cost we feel he should have donned our new King Dong Stag Suit for the dick he is.

Reece also said: "To be honest I have been one a few stag dos where we have gone mental and acted like animals but this time we were quite tame, apart from when we got on the Segways and we acted like little kids." 

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