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15 Cheapest Stag Do Destinations in Europe

Posted on August 13 2016

This has to be one of the most informative pieces of vital information in recent months for anybody intending to take a Stag party overseas. So if your looking for a cheap jetting weekend away with the lads then this is the definitive list.

FairFX have calculated the 15 top locations across Europe where you can get most out of your wod of cash using what they call a 'stag-do cost barometer'.

The results indicate that Bratislava in Slovakia is the cheapest overall destination with a price as low as £138, which includes flights and hotels. In second place comes Bulgaria at £156 followed by Lithuania at £164. Krakow in Poland comes in fourth, a personal favourite of ours here at Stag Suits HQ. Krakow has a lot of activities on off including an excellent gun firing range. Why not all get yourselves a Stag Suit from our Camo range, we currently have 5 styles to choose from. 

However if you start to purley focus on the price of a pint then Budapest in the Hungarian capital seems like an attractive proposition where you can get a pint for as low as 75p! What this particular tipple actually tastes like is another story so those of you who have been drop us a comment and let us know.

If you want to know what the most expensive location was in Europe then it was Stockholm in Sweden, which came out at a whopping £121 a day. This is mainly down to the fact that high taxes are slapped on the boos there.  However they do home one of the funkiest Ice Bars we have visited, the Ice Bar Hotel

Prices were also very high for locations like Barcelona and Amsterdam. If your brave enough to venture to the lesser-known destinations then you stand to save a small fortune. After all, if your heavy drinking all weekend then you won't most of it anyway!

So here is the full list:

1. Bratislava, Slovakia £138

2. Sofia, Bulgaria £156

3. Vilnius, Lithuania £164

4. Krakow, Poland £205

5. Prague, Czech Republic £213

6. Budapest, Hungary £216

7. Riga, Latvia £239

8. Oslo, Norway £243

9. Berlin, Germany £245

10. Tallinn, Estonia £274

11. Copenhagen, Denmark £303

12. Dublin, Ireland £308

13. Stockholm, Sweden £324

14. Amsterdam, Netherlands £338

15. Zagreb, Croatia £343

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