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Red Original Stag Suit - Tie Only

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**This is a sale item, Red Original Stag Suit - Tie Only. Please note that these items are not eligible for return, exchange or refund so please be sure to read the description of the item carefully before ordering.**

Most first time wearers will be surprised to discover with its high quality material which is careful crafted blend of cotton and polyester that is designed to be worn again and again not to mention easy to steam iron. However we would recommend that when it comes to actually washing this Stag Suit Tie that you take it to the dry cleaners rather than machine or hand wash. So don't be getting an ideas that it’s a one off fancy dress costume.

This suit is perfect as a Stag Do Costume, Party, Theme event or just night out! 

Disclaimer: Please note that StagSuits is its own unique brand is NOT affiliated in any way with Opposuits, Suitmeister or Stand Out Suits.

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